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I’m ready for the challenge of change.

At the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, your passion will define your career path. Whether you’re just beginning your career in law enforcement or are transferring laterally, the three divisions of the SCSO offer a wide variety of employment opportunities for those of you ready for a new adventure.

Law Enforcement

Above all else, the safety and security of our citizens is our primary goal. This is why the Law Enforcement Division is a critical element of the Department’s success. This success is achieved through the exemplary work of our deputy sheriffs who patrol 1,768 square miles of unincorporated Sonoma County and our two contract cities, the town of Windsor and the city of Sonoma. If you’re ready, your outstanding efforts within this division will have a direct and lasting impact on the quality of life of the residents of Sonoma County, as well as contributing to the reputation of the Department. To the men and women of the SCSO, law enforcement isn’t just about stopping people from breaking laws. It’s about building trust, empowering the community and upholding the high standards by which we measure our successes. As a member of the Law Enforcement Division, you’ll feel the effects of your contributions firsthand as you become a vital part of the Department. For those driven to discover success in other areas of law enforcement, one of our many support staff positions may be suited just for you.


The Detention Division offers a unique and rewarding career path for those seeking to positively influence the welfare of inmates in our detention facilities while maintaining a safe and positive environment. Our modern detention facilities are extremely active environments that require a high level of commitment and determination. Individuals of strong character and commitment are valued by colleagues and inmates alike and directly impact the Department’s efforts to rehabilitate inmates while providing them with the skills they require to safely and successfully re-enter society. Correctional deputies and support staff are an integral part of the daily operations of the Department’s two detention facilities. These jobs entail a wide range of specific duties in a broad range of settings. While working in the Detention Division, you can expect your role to be equal parts enforcement and mentoring, helping inmates adjust to their surroundings, while encouraging their eventual return to society.


Like most large organizations, the operations of the Law Enforcement and Detentions Divisions are dependent upon the contributions of the Administration Division. Members of the administrative staff act together to ensure that each division has the resources it needs to do its job. Candidates seeking to employ and enhance their skills in a large number of desired positions such as legal, clerical, accounting and information technology, will discover themselves welcomed to a close-knit team of law enforcement professionals working to deliver superior service to our community. Our commitment to finding and hiring the best and brightest at all levels of the Department begins with our belief that no contribution is too small for success.

Other Opportunities

Within the Department, there are multiple opportunities and programs for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to contribute to the welfare of the members of their community. Richly-rewarding volunteer positions and posts are available to all who are motivated and feel the drive to become a part of a long tradition of positive community service. These positions augment the paid law enforcement, detention and support staff and elevate the overall effectives and efficiency of the department. These opportunities include:

Reserves • Search and Rescue (SAR) • Explorer Post
Volunteer in Policing (V.I.P.)

For more information about these opportunities, click here.

Basic Qualifications

Applicants should contact the Department for specific requirements and basic qualifications for each position. However, most positions do require the following:

• Minimum age of 18
• High school graduate or GED equivalent
• Valid California driver’s license (some civilian jobs excluded)
• Ability to pass a comprehensive background check of employment, education, financial, social, medical
  and criminal history, including current or past drug usage

Click here for our Drug Standards

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